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Who We Are

Tanya Burrow, MLS
Sweeny Junior High Librarian
(979) 491-8200

Welcome to the Sweeny Junior High Library Page!

General Information:

SJH library offers a variety of resources for our students. Students may check out books, use computers for research, or work in the library on homework or class assignments. Students are required to check in and have a pass from a teacher in order to be in the library during  normal school hours. The library is open before and after school for students without a pass. 


Students can check out 3 books for 3 weeks. After that, the books will need to be renewed or returned to the library. 

Come by and see Mrs. Burrow for the username and passwords for the TexQuest Resources. 

Use the search button below to search the Library Catalog for books that are available in the SJH Library. 

SJH Library Catalog

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